PARENTING : 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

“In every moment when you are parenting, you are being parented. In every moment when you are called to give grace, you are being given grace. In every moment when you are rescuing and protecting your children, you are being rescued and protected. In every moment when you feel alone, you are anything but alone because he goes wherever you go.”    ― Paul David Tripp, Parenting  [READ MORE]

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Dr. Chapman and Dr. Warden have teemed together to write a book that has powerful truths and practical tools to help you grow as a family. Whereas they point out road blocks that you may be creating in your home, they also give encouraging advice to help you change your habits. [READ MORE] Not only does this book help parents, grandparents, and caregivers establish workable boundaries to establish safety for the children in their lives, the authors help their readers understand why these boundaries are important and how to maintain them. [READ MORE] This is a must read for any parent, teacher, or adult who loves a child who is grieving. Dr. Ford provides a clear map through the journey of grief, and ways adults can help children understand and move through their emotions in a healthy way. This book does an exceptional job of addressing grief from a Christian perspective. [READ MORE] Connie goes beyond the styles of parenting teens and really gets into the heart of BEING a parent. She really opens up new windows to see into the heart of your teen. From building a strong foundation to learning how to listen as well as seeing the uniqueness of the person God gave you to raise, this book challenges conventional parenting wisdom. [READ MORE]






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