MM Privilege Membership Application


Come apply for Media Ministry’s Privilege Membership and enjoy the following:

  • 15% discount in-store and online store
  • Additional 5% discount for full time church workers, pastors and missionaries
  • 25% discount on members’ birth month
  • $5 registration fee for Lifetime Membership
  • Earn 1 MM Reward Point for every S$1 spent (see below for the Frequently Asked Questions on MM Reward Points)

Terms & Conditions

  • 15% storewide discount except for nett, special offer items and the purchase of Gift Vouchers
  • 15% online discount (see code behind card)
  • 25% discount on members’ birth month ( ID to be presented upon payment) valid for walk-in purchases at our showroom only
  • This Privilege membership is non-transferable and cannot be used with other discount vouchers and during promotional and sales event
  • This Privilege membership must be presented prior to transaction
  • The discount privilege and terms may be amended or withdrawn at the sole discretion of Media Ministry of Cru Singapore

FAQ about MM Reward Points

1) Do I qualify for MM Reward Points?
All Media Ministry Privilege Membership qualify for MM Reward Points.

2) How do I earn MM Reward Points?
You earn MM Reward Points instantly and all year long whenever you make purchases with Media Ministry, together with your Media Ministry Privilege Membership. 1 MM Reward Point is earned for every S$1 spent.

3) What do I use the MM Reward Points for?
Redemption CatalogueThe MM Reward Points can be used for :

  • Redemption of items at Media Ministry of Cru Singapore
  • As an offset for your next purchase whereby every 50 MM Reward Points can be converted to a S$1 rebate

For example
Mr Tan has accumulated 300 points to his name and he wants to buy Book A at S$10.00. Since he has 300 MM Points (300 MM points= S$6 rebate), he can use up all the 300 MM points and top-up $4 to buy Book A.

4) What is the validity of the MM Reward Points?
Your MM Reward Points expires end of June every year (specific date to be released) and any unused points must be redeemed by then or it will be forfeited without prior notice.

5) How do I check the balance of my MM Reward Points?

  • On your receipt every time you make a purchase
  • Balance Enquiry at our showroom
    Our counter staff at showroom would be able to do a MM Reward Points balance enquiry on your card.
  • Call Us
    Alternatively, you can call us at (+65) 65899660 to check on your MM Reward Points balance.

Terms & Conditions

on the use of the MM Reward Points

  • Members will receive MM Reward Points subject to any minimum spend requirement or such other requirements imposed.
  • MM Reward Points is not transferable, redeemable and cannot be cashed out. It can only be used as a rebate for other purchases or to redeem for items.
  • MM Reward Points are not awarded for any online purchases with Media Ministry
  • Any unused MM Reward Points will be forfeited annually by end of Media Ministry’s financial year in Jun each year, exact expiry date to be determined each year by the ministry,

4 thoughts on “MM Privilege Membership Application

  1. I just purchase the lifetime membership card today. I tried a purchase online but there isn’t an option to show that I am a member. Do I have to wait 1 to 2 weeks before using card online?

    • Hi there!
      Thank you for your application of our privilege card. After you apply the card, you should be directed to a webpage (see link below again) page where it is mentioned you can immediately get a 15% discount code with the code mentioned on the page.

      Hence, technically, you do not have have to wait for the card to arrive before you van start enjoying the benefits.

      Cheers! God Bless!

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