Read-Reveal Mystery Hunt

The dust has settled on the Read-Reveal Mystery Hunt… the amazing reading races have been run, and the mysteries have been revealed.

Held as part of our recent Supporters Appreciation Sale (SAS) the races were designed to highlight the joy of reading through the thrill of discovery. Based upon the book, “The 7 Mysteries of Ancient China“, participants unearthed Genesis narrative hidden within Chinese characters and ancient Chinese astronomical records of an eclipse that coincided with the biblical accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

In the second race, “7 Special Titles”, based upon the selection of ‘Members Specials’, readers were taken on journey of discovery that included Max Lucado’s prayerful “Anxious for Nothing” to Mark Batterson’s call to manhood in “Play the Man“. And along the way, their souls were stilled by a beautiful hymn from Isaac Watts. This was needful as the competitors were running against a clock to improve their chances of finishing in the top three, for which impressive ‘book hampers’ were up for grabs.

The energy, enthusiasm and stealth of the participants in negotiating the shelves packed with shoppers was something to behold. Indeed, with participants called upon to sing a stanza from a hymn as a bonus task, their occasional voices lent a pleasant, festive, feel to the SAS, and brought many a smile to the dedicated, slightly frazzled shoppers.

Congratulations to the winners, runners-up and third place getters* of the 2 races!



Race 1: 7 Mysteries of Ancient China
1st prize – Covenant
2nd prize – Isaac and Leow Sok Fen
3rd prize – Vivienne Chong

Race 2: 7-Special Titles
1st  prize – Team Ho
2nd prize – Cangel2gether
3rd prize – JPEG

*Decisions are final. Winners will be contacted via email re collection of prizes.

5 December 2017