As Year 2018 draws to a close, our hearts are filled with gratitude to our Lord Jesus, and all of you for being so much a part of the exciting year we’ve had!

Touching more lives and growing with you, that’s how we would sum up 2018!

With your continuous support and prayers, we saw the Lord’s guidance and faithfulness in so many ways. Here’s a quick recap of the events that happened this year:


Resourcing and Building Up the Body of Christ through participating in major events like the Josh & Sean McDowell’s Asia Evidence Tour and the yearly Global Leadership Summit. It was a joy and privilege to provide resources to equip church leaders and the Christian community-at-large at the Pastors’ Breakfast and various meetings, including evangelistic talks in universities & the marketplace where both Josh and Sean spoke.


Addressing Today’s Challenges by organizing seminars such as Adolescent Mental Health and Wellness Talk and Connecting Gen iY – a Cyber Wellness talk. These talks were offered to address some of the current issues among youth in the areas of mental and cyber wellbeing. We also partnered with our Family Life Ministry, to conduct a talk on Journey of Purity & Discovering your Identity. All the seminars were well received by the many parents, youth workers and the youth themselves who benefitted from the highly interactive discussions.


Expansion through New Releases of The Adventures of Bramlee Bears series at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2018. These are short, captivating ‘character tales’ adapted from the original book by V. Gilbert Beer, an international bestselling author.

Other launches were Manga Genesis 3 by bestselling manga artist Kelly Shinozawa, the updated Chinese edition of the bestselling book by Dr Thong Chan Kei, Faith of our Fathers and Rev Alfred Yeo’s new book “The Last Kings of Judah“. Additionally, 7 Mysteries of Ancient China was one of our top best sellers for the year. Another new release was Judy Douglass’ book, Shaped by God, where she shared her secret on how God molded her life. Judy is the wife of Cru International President Steve Douglass.

As we look to 2019, we continue to trust God for further growth and greater opportunities to win souls, save minds and impact many more lives! We seek to come alongside the church and each of you in the journey of loving and following Him ever more closely. We appreciate your input and feedback on how we can serve you better in the year ahead. We value your prayers for us too!

Finally, from all of us at Media Ministry of Cru Singapore, we warmly wish you and all our most valued friends and supporters a Spirit-filled & fruitful 2019 in Christ!